Bend PVC Pipe Easy

Learn To Bend PVC Pipe The Easy Way!

DIY Compost Barrel

DIY Compost Barrel, simple and cheap!.

recumbent bicycle

Build Your Own Recumbent Bicycle No Welding Required!!

free ebooks

Free eBook Downloads:

I've been collecting digital downloads from the web for the last 20 years, ebooks, diy manuals, PLR, MRR, you name it. Admittedly I'm an information junky but I like to share so, this link will take you to my repository, remember to keep coming back for new additions!


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DIY Sandblaster

DIY Build your own mini sandblaster.

Wireless electricity transmission circuit

Wireless electricity transmission circuit, simple circuit that can power a LED bulb without any wires.

Microwave Kiln

Did you know you could fuse glass in a microwave? Yup, I've been doing it since last fall with my Microwave Kiln, making jewelry and lenses for LED nightlights.

Fused Glass Jewelry

Making fused glass jewelry in a microwave kiln.

DIY Weed Killer

DIY Weedkiller I use this stuff every summer, it really works!

120-volt AA Battery Charger

DIY AA Battery Charger. This one is a take-off of the $3 Battery Charger posted below that can be used for smaller 1.5v AA, AAA, C cell, or D cell batteries.

inexpensive smoker

Make an inexpensive smoker with stuff you can get at a home improvement store.

Table Saw Disc Sander

DIY build your own Table Saw Disc Sander easy and cheap!

Raspberry Pi

5 Raspberry Pi Operating Systems That Aren’t Linux

tiki torch kit

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Kit 4 Pack

Meet the Arduino Killer: ESP8266

Arduino compatible dev board with built-in Wi-Fi for less than $10?

Using Arduino IDE with ESP8266

Use the Arduino IDE to program the ESP8266.

35 Mason Jar Projects

A collection of 35+ Amazing DIY Mason Jar Projects.

Hanging Gutter Planter Stand

Hanging Gutter Planter Stand: Do it yourself simple and easy!

DIY Vertical Planter

Easy Diy: Vertical Planter using precut stair stringers found at your local lumber store.

propane conversion

How To: Propane Conversion Garden Tractor Lawn Mower Simple and Easy

Joule Thief

The Joule Thief is a tiny little circuit that allows you to drive a LED from voltages as low as 0.5 volts. You think those batteries are dead? Hook them up to the Joule Thief to squeeze every last drop of energy out of them!


DIY Drill Press Drum Sander


23+ Fascinating Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles Into DIY Projects Creatively

Diy Speckle Ware Mason Jars

Diy Speckle Ware Mason Jars


Grow Potatoes in a Bucket!!

hidden spaces

These hidden compartments can be used to hide anything from cash to weapons.

mouse trap

5-gallon bucket mouse traps are cheap and easy to build, easy to use and easy to service

scroll saw

Free Scroll Saw Patterns by Arpop


Make PVC Look Like Wood, Easy DIY!


RTL-SDR is a very cheap software defined radio that uses a DVB-T TV tuner dongle based on the RTL2832U chipset.

spark tester
terra cotta

Easy way to customize your garden planters and Terra Cotta Pots


Did you know that you can actually grow tomatoes from slices? IT'S EASY!!


Please visit my online t-shirt shop today for deals on custom T's

power thief

Is there a electricity thief in your home??


Battery Desulfator: A very simple capacitive battery charger made from scrap parts

panel saw

DIY Panel Saw

repurposed furniture

DIY Furniture Repurposing Ideas for Your Yard and Garden

fruits for pots

How to grow fruits in pots

Raspberry Pi NAS

Build your own network attached storage device using a Respberry Pi.

raspberry pi case
miter jig

The ultimate list of tablesaw jigs and how you can build them yourself

spilling solar lights
image transfer
concrete towel planter
pvc pipe projects
wine bottle lights1
concrete projects
Off-Grid Cooking Stove
3 dollar battery charger

A very simple circuit that can be used to charge lead acid or gel-cell type batteries

wine bottle lights2
Recycling Crafts eBook
Wine Bottles
the pallet bible

Finding, Inspecting, and Dismantling Pallets

tabletop firebowl

Make Your Own Outdoor Concrete Tabletop Fire Bowl

Easy DIY Giant Ornaments

Easy DIY Giant Ornaments for your Home!

Simple Sheet Metal Brake

Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding

Tips For Caulking

Tips For Caulking: Use these tips for perfect results every time!

Beautiful Backlit Pallet Wall Art

Beautiful Backlit Pallet Wall Art Easy DIY!

DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar

DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar / I used flourescent paint for this one.

Make a Bird House from a PVC Fence Post

Make a Bird House from a PVC Fence Post


20 Awesome Things You Can Make With Scrap Wood


Got a rock garden in your yard? The perfect place to hide a key!


Super easy diy beer caddy

Simple DIY Log Splitter

Simple DIY Log Splitter

DIY Dog Collar
terrarium jar

How to DIY Glass Jar Terrariums


Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter


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