DIY Solar Post Lamps

Sometime back my wife wanted me to install post lighting out front of the house, in an effort to scratch one more thing off the honey-doo list, but at the same time get out of digging trenching to four post lights for the necessary wiring I came up with a plan. Look honey no wires!! It’s Solar!!

I know you can buy off the shelf solar post lamps but your limited to whats available, they aren’t cheap, and of course did not come in the desired design, with this trick you’re only limited to your imagination.
Once the lamp post was set in the ground I attached the globe base, but instead of installing your normal everyday light bulb I got some $4.99 solar yard lights at Menards, removed the little post, wrapped a couple runs of duct tape around the end so that it would fit snugly into the light socket and Viola!! One more thing, check the rechargable battery that comes with the solar lamp, most of them are around 350ma, I changed mine out to 1200ma rechargables I got at Walmart. By changing the batteries out your lights will run longer into the night but the trade off is that on cloudy days they may not get a full charge.

Click on pics to maximize…

box   lamp1   lamp2   lamp3   lamp4

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