DIY Evaporation Cooler or Swamp Cooler

Researching an ad on Facebook, I ended up on a site where they were talking about getting ripped off by a company advertising on Facebook, the same ad I was researching.  What this company was advertising was a revolutionary new “Portable A/C” unit using all the normal catch words and phrases, I knew it was a scam….  Unfortunately lots of people have been taken in by it and getting ripped off in various ways, read the sordid details HERE.  So, I posted to the group explaining what the unit actually was, a “Swamp Cooler”, something I’m very familiar with as we used to use them in the desert in California. I then told them it’s easy to make one themselves and that I would post instructions on my website. I’ll post several different DIY units I’ve seen, some are very easy to do, some maybe a bit more complicated.  Oh and by the way, I went back to FB and reported the ad as fraudulent.

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