Learn To Heat And Bend PVC Pipe The Easy Way!

Learn To Heat And Bend PVC Pipe The Easy Way
Learn To Heat And Bend PVC Pipe The Easy Way!
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If you work with PVC pipe you know what a pain it is to heat it up to bend it. I like working with PVC pipe but I don’t like using elbow’s and tee’s, they’re just plain ugly in the finished product. Wouldn’t it be easier if I could just bend the pipe instead of all the cutting and gluing? I searched online and found that PVC heaters can cost $500 – $1000 or more, so off to YouTube I went. There’s all kinds of ideas out there including, using a heat gun, hot sand, boiling water, but those ideas were just too tedious, especially when using larger pipe sizes. The idea I eventually came up with was so simple that I now use it all the time for all kinds of PVC pipe projects.
* Save yourself time and aggravation!
* No hot sand!
* No boiling water!
* None of those painstaking tricks you’ve seen on YouTube!
I’ll show you how I built several different PVC pipe heater/benders very easily for almost nothing in less than an hour. I’ll also tell you my tricks for making easy forms to bend the PVC pipes for projects requiring multiple pieces bent the same way.

Save yourself time and money, BUY IT TODAY FOR ONLY $4.99 and start today bending PVC pipe like a pro!